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In the name of Allah, the most kind, the most merciful. All praises be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, peace and blessings of Allah be upon our prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions. Ameen.


A brief History of Soho Hill Masjid Educational and Welfare centre

Soho Hill Muslim Birmingham is an independent charity and not-for-profit organisation, set up in August 2012 by groups of diverse immigrants living in and around Soho Hill Birmingham in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

SHMB was established to uphold, preserve, propagate Islam and foster greater and better understanding between Muslims and people of other religious faiths in the Soho Hill vicinity and surrounding areas in Birmingham.


SHMB was set up to serve the needs of the Islamic community, since its inception in 2012 the centre has been used as a hub by the community in fulfilling its religious duties and practices:

* Five Daily Congregational prayers.

* Weekly Friday Prayers (Jumaa Salaat).

* Funeral arrangements.

* Islamic naming ceremonies.

* Adult and Children Islamic Education.

* Islamic naming ceremonies.

* Eid Prayers. 

* Quran and Arabic Weekly classes.

* Supplementary English Classes for the Children and Adults.

* Life in The UK ( ESOL) Lessons.

* Participates in a Variety of Community Service Activities.


Congregational Friday prayers (jumaa) and Eid prayers has increased community cohesion as the centre is used for religious and social activities like Islamic naming ceremonies, Ramadan iftar and night prayers, marriages and Quran recitations by the Madrasa pupils.

The centre also conduct computer classes and after school clubs for the children.

The overall performance and behaviour of the kids is improving tremendously due to the support and learning they are receiving from the centre.

For further information on islamic classes or any other of our services, feel free to contact us on the details to the right. 

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130 Soho Hill,
West Midlands,
B19 1AF

Telephone: 0121 523 2246
Email: info@sohohillmuslim.org.uk
Website: www.sohohillmuslim.org.uk

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